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This is an alphabetical list of the 8, Italian comuni which existed following the merger of Campolongo al Torre with Tapogliano to form the new comune of Campolongo Tapogliano, and the redesignation of Rivanazzano as Rivanazzano Terme. This list is currently being split into individual alphabetical articles.

The completed articles are listed here: Alphabetical list of comuni of Italy: A Alphabetical list of comuni of Italy: B Alphabetical list of comuni of Italy: C Alphabetical list of comuni of Italy: They are a cycling race which decides the Italian cycling champion in the road racing discipline, across several categories of rider. The event was first held in and was won by Giovanni Cuniolo. At the beginning there were often back-to-back wins from many riders. Costante Girardengo made the remarkable achievement of 9 wins between and Perhaps if it were not for the First World War, which blocked the running of the championship for four years, from until , Girardengo would have gained additional victories.

After his winning streak ended, another Italian cycling legend, Alfredo Binda, won 4 races in a row. Learco Guerra succeeded him with 5 consecutive wins.

Since then the event has not been dominated to the same extent, although Fausto Coppi claimed 4 victories. Valerio Evangelisti topic Valerio Evangelisti born June 20, is an Italian writer of science fiction, fantasy, historical novels and horror. As a little boy I whiled away most of my time pretending to be an announcer on the radio. I could think up games for hours at a time, there were eleven of us in a small house, but the close quarters were never a problem.

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I didnt know any other way. We always spoke English and Italian all mixed up together and my grandmother, who lived in America for fifty years, never learned English. As a teenager, DeLillo was not interested in writing until taking a job as a parking attendant. I dont know how they may have affected the way I write, on the influence of film, particularly European cinema, on his work, DeLillo has said, European and Asian cinemas of the s shaped the way I think and feel about things.

At that time I was living in New York, I didnt have money, didnt have much work. I was a man in a small room, and I went to the movies a lot, watching Bergman, Antonioni, Godard. When I was little, in the Bronx, I didnt go to the cinema, perhaps, in an indirect way, cinema allowed me to become a writer. DeLillo published his first short story, The River Jordan, in Epoch, discussing the beginning of his writing career, DeLillo said, I did some short stories at that time, but very infrequently.

I quit my job just to quit, I didnt quit my job to write fiction. A MacArthur Fellow, he is noted for his dense and complex novels and his fiction and non-fiction writings encompass a vast array of subject matter, genres and themes, including history, music, science, and mathematics. For Gravitys Rainbow, Pynchon won the U. After publishing several stories in the late s and early s, he began composing the novels for which he is best known. Pynchon attended Oyster Bay High School in Oyster Bay, where he was awarded student of the year and these juvenilia incorporated some of the literary motifs and recurring subject matter he would use throughout his career, oddball names, sophomoric humor, illicit drug use, and paranoia.

After graduating from school in at the age of 16, Pynchon studied engineering physics at Cornell University. In , he returned to Cornell to pursue a degree in English, together the two briefly led what Pynchon has called a micro-cult around Oakley Halls novel Warlock.

He reportedly attended lectures given by Vladimir Nabokov, who then taught literature at Cornell, in , Pynchon and Cornell classmate Kirkpatrick Sale wrote part or all of a science-fiction musical, Minstrel Island, which portrayed a dystopian future in which IBM rules the world.

When published in , V. In , his application to study mathematics as a student at the University of California. In , Pynchon wrote a report on the aftermath. Titled A Journey Into the Mind of Watts, the article was published in The New York Times Magazine, from the mids Pynchon has also regularly provided blurbs and introductions for a wide range of novels and non-fiction works. Pynchon described the decision as a moment of temporary insanity, but noted that he was too stubborn to let any of them go, Pynchons second novel, The Crying of Lot 49, was published a few months later in Roberto Saviano — Roberto Saviano is an Italian journalist, writer and essayist.

Since October 13,, he has lived under police protection and he has collaborated with numerous important Italian and international newspapers.

Currently he writes for the Italian publications lEspresso and la Repubblica and his investigations and defiance in the face of threats on his life have drawn praise from many important writers and other cultural figures, such as Umberto Eco. His articles at the time are already important enough to spur judicial authorities at the beginning of to listen to him regarding organized crime and he can be found in various anthologies such as Best Off. Il meglio delle riviste letterarie italiane and Napoli comincia a Scampia, in the periodical Roberto Saviano published by Feltrinelli, Saviano published a piece dedicated to Enzo Baldoni in which he declares, among other things, I am an atheist.

His writing is influenced by anti-fascist thinkers such as Giustino Fortunato, Gaetano Salvemini, by the anarchists Errico Malatesta and Mikhail Bakunin, in March , he published Gomorrah, a novel inspired by real situations. He is the author, along with Mario Gelardi, of a work of the same name and is a screenwriter for Gomorrah. In , following the success of the non-fiction Gomorra, which denounces the activities of the Camorra and these have been confirmed by police informants and reports that have revealed attempts on Savianos life, by the Casalesi clan.

Investigators have claimed the Camorra selected Casalesi clan boss Giuseppe Setola to kill Saviano over the book, after the Neapolitan Police investigations, the Italian Minister for Interior Affairs Giuliano Amato assigned a personal bodyguard and transferred Saviano from Naples. They also think that the Italian government must protect his life, signatures were collected on the web site of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. Saviano dedicated the awards to the southerners in Milan, Saviano contributed an op-ed piece to the January 24, issue of the New York Times entitled, Italys African Heroes.

He wrote about the January riots between African immigrants and Italians in Rosarno, a town in Calabria, Saviano suggests that the Africans rioting was more of a response to their exploitation by the Ndrangheta, or Calabrian mafia, than to the hostility of Italians. In November , he hosted, along with Fabio Fazio, the Italian television program Vieni via con me, Saviano dedicated the honor to the judges of Milans district attorney office who were investigating Rubygate. Valerio Evangelisti — Valerio Evangelisti is an Italian writer of science fiction, fantasy, historical novels and horror.

Manual 60 HQ Pictures of Lourdes Annie in my bathroom - Very Close - FULL COLOR EROTIC BOOK

He is known mainly for his series of novels featuring the inquistor Nicolas Eymerich and for the Nostradamus trilogy, some of his books are seen as part of the body of literary works known as the New Italian Epic. Evangelisti earned his degree in Political Science in with a historical-political thesis and he was born in Bologna, where he currently lives, he spends some time each year in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico, where he owns a house. Both dining experiences feature our Prix Fixe Menus. Or perhaps youd like to see and be seen Our Communal Table is a lively choice for parties of up to.

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