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This is a group you are going to want to keep an eye out for. The over-all vibe is carefully crafted, restrained psychedelia.

Horizont - Silent Moon | Releases, Reviews, Credits | Discogs

Many talented lyricists approach songwriting from a traditional, emotive perspective. Their spirit is high, and mine certainly was, too, by the end of this. The songs are well-written and you get a nice selection of tunes on here.

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I am eager to see what the future holds. They are talented songwriters. They are talented musicians. From her first novel, Into The Darkest Corner to this her fourth book Ms Haynes has shown that she is a force to be reckoned with. Each book she has written has a unique story, is extremely well crafted and will leave you desperate to read her next book.

Many people will compare this book and her others to Into The Darkest Corner and say that it lacks something, well I disagree. A pet peeve is when authors write a carbon copy of a previou If you like detective fiction you have to read this book. A pet peeve is when authors write a carbon copy of a previous book, the four books published so far showcase just what a versatile and talented author Ms Haynes is In this book we are introduced to Lou Smith, a feisty female detective in charge of the investigation into the murder of a pretty young thing and the apparent suicide of Barbara, wife to a near neighbour.

As the story unfolds we are drawn into the investigation by many twists and turns which keep us guessing. The use of witness statements on police forms and emails as they would be sent on a real case add authenticity to what already feels like a very well researched and thought out book. The characters are believable and I found myself really drawn to Lou- I liked her. The murder's MO was different from previous books I've ever read and I have read loads. Jun 20, Michael rated it did not like it Shelves: library , did-not-finish.

Home-grown and Hand-crafted with Moonlite Love

This was too painful to read. How is it possible to have characters in multiples mentioned in a single page over and over again, with some of them talking about other characters and expecting the reader to follow all those dialogue threads which really lead nowhere within a chapter and then in subsequent chapters? You need a character guide like those historical novels to keep everyone on the straight.

It almost comes across as being autistic the writing, people a This was too painful to read. It almost comes across as being autistic the writing, people and while Haynes enjoys working from a spreadsheet her work it is extremely disorienting and very hard to read as a novel if that is what she has done in this book.

A suspected murder in a farm outside a small English village, a young woman was found dead with blood all over the cottage. At the same time the police are called in to investigate what looks like a suicide by driving into a quarry.

DCI Louisa Smith and her team are assigned this case, they discover a link between the two deaths, a link that sealed the fate of these two woman. It all happened one dreadful cold night under a silent moon. I still have both Revenge of the Tide and Human Remains sitting on my shelf and I probably should read them soon. I decided to read Under a Silent Moon first because it is her latest offer and I was interested to read her take on the police procedural genre.

This is a new direction for this author and I really wanted to see how her style translated.

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What I loved about Into the Darkest Corner was how dark and disturbing that psychological thriller was. Some of her dark psychological style is definitely in this novel but there is something so different about Under a Silent Moon.

The novel felt like a very technical police procedural, I have no idea how a detective investigates crimes, my knowledge comes from men like Philip Marlowe who are hard-boiled and so smart that you often miss the clues sometimes I think the clues never existed in the novel. I liked how this book had police reports, notes and other documents to help drive the plot and give the reader a deeper insight into the crimes.

The major problem I had was that I wanted something darker; this felt too much like a generic crime thriller but Elizabeth Haynes style was evident and I like how detailed the book was. Sure, they all sell well, I just like when I book stands above the rest. There are so many things that were great about this novel, and I will be reading the next chapter in the series when it gets released.

I think I prefer the dark psychological thriller style found in Into the Darkest Corner and was secretly hoping for something like that. Mar 19, Victoria rated it did not like it Shelves: mystery-thriller , brit-lit. Especially after how much I liked her third novel, Human Remains. This one, slated to be the first in a series, marks a drastic change from her earlier books. Rather than being a character-driven, this is purely a police procedural novel. Haynes uses her own intimacy with the legal system in the UK she worked as a police analyst to create primary source documents that support the evidence of the two deaths that open up the novel.

Unfortunately, the opening is a bit overwhelming. It is busy - flitting through a variety of perspectives which makes it a bit difficult to initially connect any of the disparate parts with one another. But as more of the connections become clear, the storyline becomes more intriguing. But the format tends to foster an excess of repetition. The prose offers facts and then these are repeated within the reports, witness summaries and then the briefings as well.

This is a rather disappointing read. The characters - who are all unified in their focus on sex and affairs - are not sympathetic.

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The only aspect of the book that feels fresh is the presence of the supporting documents. The plot is predictable and if this is the style that Haynes plans on using for this series, I will not be continuing on with it. The ending resolves the main mystery, but there are some subplots left dangling that could have easily been wrapped up into a more satisfying resolution. It did not, therefore, have that sense of underlying menace which ran through Into The Darkest Corner and which made that book so special for me, but it is still a very good read indeed, much better than Revenge of the Tides, and possibly Human Remains.

We follow DCI Louisa Smith leading her time to solve the murder of Polly Leuchars in a plot which twists and turns and keeps you guessing as to whodunnit right to the end. I liked Louisa, especially the way we saw her human side, as we learn slowly through the book just what the history is between her and DI Andy Hamilton.

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The story itself is told through a six day timeline from discovery of the body to solving the case. Interspersed throughout the book are witness statements, and I did get a bit miffed at one of these, which did not quite fit into the kindle formatting and left words missing at the end of each line.


My only other gripe was the characters of Sam and Ali — I kept getting confused as to which was male and which was female! There is a good mix of characters, some good, some bad, some nice, some annoying and some downright nasty ones in there. The story flows well, is gripping and one which I found difficult to put down. I am looking forward to the next Louisa read now. May 27, Elaine rated it it was ok Shelves: mystery-series. If I had to use a word to describe Under a Silent Moon, it's boring. Boring characters, boring mystery, boring descriptions, boring, boring, blah blah blah.

I didn't like any of the characters.

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I didn't like any of the characters in Gone Girl either, but at least, I wasn't indifferent to the characters and story. I wanted to know what happened and I wasn't speed reading the last pages, like I'm doing now. I've read all of Haynes' work to date, so enamoured was I with 'Into the Darkest Corner', her debut, that I've been interested to see the path her writing career takes.

Which is unusual for me as crime is not my preferred genre.