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  2. Beginners’ Guide to Buying Physical Bullion Introduction
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How Buying Silver Will Make You RICH in 10 Years!

Send us a personal check or certified check or money order. And finally, you may use bitcoin. That's all it takes to buy gold bullion and silver bullion online through Money Metals Exchange. We ship your order fully insured to the address of your choice. We give you tracking information as soon as your order is shipped out. Remember, we will also buy back your gold and silver.

So if you are looking to sell your precious metals, you can read how to sell to Money Metals in 3 easy steps! There are several types of precious metals you can invest in. Each one has its own unique advantages to help you acquire and build wealth for the future. Consider investing in one or more of these coveted precious metals, which have all held value for centuries:. Today money is backed by the "promises" made by the Federal Reserve and federal government rather than gold.

This changed back in the s, which threatens the value of money and ultimately decreases the value of a dollar over time. Buying gold and silver is a way to hedge against the inevitability of inflation. People have used gold and silver for trading for thousands of years.

ISBN 13: 9780557732388

While gold and silver are not used as a form of money, they are a tangible type of wealth. Gold and silver are recognized internationally. Additionally, the buying power of gold and silver has remained stable while the dollar's value has fallen dramatically. Wherever you travel outside the States, gold and silver have value. This means you really can take it with you! The value of gold and silver is tangible because there is a limited amount of these precious metals available in the world. Money can be printed and only has the value assigned to it by the government.

Gold and silver is a tangible, relatively stable asset that can be securely stored in a safe or vault rather than kept in a bank. Investors of all types can purchase gold and silver to build their wealth. Small coins and bars are available to people with limited funds.

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Gold and silver bullion are also excellent gifts for milestone moments in life, such as graduations, weddings and anniversaries. Buy precious metals for all the upcoming events in your life! Stay away from a shady dealer looking to take your money. Talk to a well-informed representative from Money Metals Exchange to learn more about investing in gold and silver for yourself and others. Consider Eagles , rounds, bars and other types of precious metals.

There are also precious metals you want to avoid buying as they are a weak investment. At the top of this list are high-cost numismatic coins. These coins contain various metal content and are meant for collectors, not investors. Some numismatic coins will have value, while others are basically worthless as their value will plummet over time, such as certain commemorative coins.

Beginners’ Guide to Buying Physical Bullion Introduction

Bullion is what investors want to buy. It comes in definitive weight categories, such as ounces, including 1 ounce, half-ounce, and grams, such as silver and gold bars. Bullion is purchased for investment purposes. It can also help buyer guard their assets from inflation. Bullion comes from the mint each year, while numismatic coins might have been produced decades ago. Internet ads and late-night television commercials continue to push the perceived value of numismatic coins. Some are attractive to look at and others are like having a slice of history in your hand. But numismatic coins are never a solid investment in your future.

The bitcoin is another controversial investment option. While some people have achieved success by purchasing this cutting edge form of digital currency, others have fallen prey to scammers. Do your research before making any investment to avoid a shady dealer's scam or spam email requests.

Silver Investor - Silver Investor

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List this Seller's Books. Payment Methods accepted by seller. AbeBooks Bookseller Since: March 24, Stock Image. The number of dollars per American keeps increasing, the number of yen per Japanese person keeps increasing, and the amount of euros per European keeps increasing, even as the amount of gold per person is relatively fixed. In theory over the long term, the price of gold should keep up with the growth of per capita money supply. During periods of currency instability in and , thanks to inflation and money-printing respectively, the price of gold temporarily spiked way higher than the growth of per capita money supply, but eventually came back down to the trend.

I then sold all my gold and silver coins in when it was in a bubble, and started buying back in when it came back down to the trend. All-in sustaining costs AISC of gold mining companies measure the partial costs of various gold miners to produce gold, and is reported per ounce. If the price of gold per ounce dips too close to these values, or goes below them, gold miners become unprofitable. Realistically they become unprofitable above that level, but this is an industry-defined number.

AISC is a metric published by the World Gold Council and reported by various gold mining companies, meant to help standardize reporting about mining operations. It is now applied to other metals as well. The amount of money it takes to mine an ounce of gold has increased dramatically over the last decade.

Energy and labor prices have affected the cost significantly. Exploring for new deposits in difficult locations, securing permits amidst legitimate fears of environmental damage, and setting up mining infrastructure is a long and expensive process. And as the easier gold locations get mined out, the ones that are left are harder and more expensive. Of course, this also varies from company to company based on a lot of variables, but the rule of thumb here is that AISC is an under-reporting of how much it costs to profitably mine gold over the long term. A good sanity check is to look at 3 or 4 of the top gold producers occasionally, and see if they currently have a lot of positive free cash flow as a group.

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This can give you a hint as to whether gold is overvalued or not. The point is that gold does have a rational price range. The total amount of gold cumulatively mined since the dawn of time is impossible to measure for sure, but is widely cited as being under , tons, and in terms of volume less than a cube that is 25 meters on each side.

The peak discovery year for gold was in The industry has never found as much gold in one year as it did that year, and this has been a clear trend in discovery charts. And it takes about two decades to turn a gold discovery into an active gold mine due to the difficulty in getting regulatory permits and the lengthy construction process of building infrastructure for a gold mine.

What are Precious Metals?

As this article describes, prevailing real interest rates significantly affect the price of gold. The price of gold is affected by multiple things, with no perfect correlation to any one thing.

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However, real interest rates are one of the major inputs that can affect the price of gold. During times of very low interest rates, the interest yields of premium saving accounts and Treasuries may be lower than inflation, meaning that people who are saving diligently are still losing purchasing power. In contrast, during periods of higher rates savers in those instruments may get a real return over inflation. Gold is an ancient form of money, something that stores value over millennia by keeping up with inflation of fiat currencies, albeit with substantial volatility. Higher demand for gold can lead to higher gold prices.