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I think Tommy passed on his stomach bug to me. To bequeath something. To decline or refuse something. I'm sorry, but we had to pass on your application.


I'm going to pass on a second helping to save some room for dessert. I passed the baby on to the next admiring relative. She passed on the baby to her aunt. Have a piece of toffee and pass the box on. Please pass on this book to the next person on the list.

Don't pass this on, but Bill isn't living at home any more. I refuse to pass on rumors. Definition of pass it on. Pass it on! Learn More about pass it on. Resources for pass it on Time Traveler: Explore other words from the year pass it on first appeared Time Traveler! Explore the year a word first appeared.

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Dictionary Entries near pass it on Passiontide passion vine Passion Week pass it on passivate passivator passive. Statistics for pass it on Look-up Popularity. Comments on pass it on What made you want to look up pass it on? Get Word of the Day daily email! Test Your Vocabulary. Greek Old Norse Swedish Portuguese. I chose to have her despite the possibility she would have XLH, but would I have made the same decision in a planned pregnancy or if given a choice much earlier in the process?

We are ourselves, individuals; we are what we are — short and proud of it. We are people with a disability.

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Walker is more visibly disabled, which makes Eliza feel bad. Eliza does yoga.

Passing It On - RLRM Foundation

Both of them pursue these physical activities with fierce and single-minded passion. Both do so because there are other physical activities — walking, running — that they cannot pursue without difficulty. Oddly, my least athletic child is my oldest, Annabelle, who regularly proclaims she hates all sports. Perhaps this is what my relative meant.

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Perhaps sparing your loved one that psychic pain is the reason some people give their short-statured but otherwise perfectly healthy children human growth hormone, so they may grow just a few inches taller. Most of the time I believe my children will transcend the parts of their disability that might make them suffer. Walker may be only five feet tall, but he is in every conceivable way an engaging personality.

He has friends, wild schemes for the future, a wicked, deadpan sense of humor. Eliza is all darting motion — ups and downs. She sings in the shower; does cartwheels on the lawn. She also struggles with an eating disorder and anxiety. And Walker, normally even-keeled, occasionally gives in to fits of rage and frustration when, tired of the effort of simply moving through a day, or being left out at school, he punches walls, rides his bicycle too fast. How much of this can I really blame XLH for?